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    About the Author                   

         D. B. Sleeth was introduced to psychology as an undergraduate student in 1981 at the University of Washington. One of the discoveries he made at that time was the remarkable sophistication of psychological theory present in certain religious systems, especially Advaita Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism. This extraordinary discovery ended in a personal transformation—whereby psychology was supplanted by spirituality. At this time, the author also received an unexpected spiritual epiphany, outlining the details of his integral theory. Soon thereafter, he embarked on a six-month pilgrimage that took him throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East in search of a tradition for his own spiritual practice. 

         Upon his return, D. B. Sleeth became the devotee of an accomplished spiritual master, the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj. In the company of this remarkable spiritual adept, the author has pursued his spiritual growth since 1983. He has investigated and directly experienced many higher states of consciousness in the course of his spiritual practice with this Siddha master, including the spiritual rapture known as samadhi. The occasion of these experiences includes a miracle healing in which an etheric lesion was removed from his navel chakra—presumably implanted there by incidents of abuse during his childhood. As a result, he recovered the ability to love, an ability that had been compromised throughout his life. 

         A further benefit of this healing was his efficacy as a psychotherapist. D. B. Sleeth has worked in numerous therapeutic settings, including: psychotic adults residing in an institutional setting (1987-91), developmentally delayed adults residing in a group home setting (1991-92), severely emotionally disturbed children residing in a group home setting (1993-1995), psychotic adults residing in a group home setting (1993 and 1996), and emotionally disturbed children and adolescents in a clinic setting (1999-present). These various populations have provided him an extraordinary and comprehensive overview of clinical and developmental psychology, as well as the opportunity to work extensively with cultural diversity. 

         D. B. Sleeth has received two M.A. degrees, one in general psychology from Sonoma State University in 1998 and another in counseling psychology from Argosy University in 2003. He also received a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology from Saybrook Graduate School in 2006. He currently works as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. In addition, the author has numerous articles in print. He has also written a program guide for parents with special needs children and at-risk youth transitioning into adulthood, which are currently in use by the community mental health clinic where he works, as well as other local agencies. 

         D. B. Sleeth currently lives in the ashram of his spiritual community in Northern California known as Adidam, accompanied by his wife of eleven years, who is also an accomplished clinician as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and studying for a Psy.D. degree. 

         To see the story of my meeting with and miraculous healing by Adi Da Samraj, click here.


After decades of neglect, spirit-                 From psychoanalysis to trans-                      Sleeth integrates the Avatar
uality is being taken seriously by                cendence! Sleeth has given us a                    Adi Da’s teaching on psych-
an increasing number of psycho-                penetrating analysis of the ego                      ology and spirituality into 
therapists and clinicians.  For me               and the self.  Along the way he                      this analysis, providing a 
its main contribution is its sug-                   has welded the two great camps                   compelling argument for the
gested resolution of the Ego and               of transpersonal psychology:                          inclusion of spirituality into 
the Ultimate.  Those who read                  Wilber’s developmental ladder                      psychological theory and a
this book will never think or feel                and Grof’s holographic psyche.                     strong argument for the 
the same about God, Reality, or                This book will stretch your mind                    truth of the Avatar Adi Da’s
Self again.                                                 and challenge your spirit.                               teaching. 

                — Stanley Krippner,                                  — Allan Combs,                                             — iUniverse 
                     Becoming Psychic                                    The Radiance of Being                                   Publishers

See why these authors and others are exclaiming about the work of D. B. Sleeth:

                             The Integral Ego:  
        A New Understanding of the Whole Person

      that Includes All Ideas on the Nature of God


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          To download summary excerpts from Part I and Part II of The Integral Ego, please select the following:


         The Integral Ego answers the perennial question:  Who am I?  Simply put, the whole person includes not only the ego, but God.  Yet, there is a twist, for the ego is nothing but an illusion.  Therefore, the integration of the ego is the elimination of egoleaving in its wake what is nothing other than our own true nature all along:  God.  The Integral Ego represents the common core of the world’s great traditions of spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

          To download a summary excerpt from my upcoming book on Integral Therapy, please select the following:

          The basic premise of Integral Therapy can be simply stated:  Love is the healing principle.  All therapeutic orientations, whether explicitly acknowledging it or not, are based on this principle.  Indeed, the efficacy of all therapeutic orientations results from this clinical equation:  the greater the awareness, the greater the love.  Therefore, positive outcomes from all approaches to clinical practice essentially rely on nondualism—especially “Radical” Non-Dualism.  

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             For the story of my meeting with and miraculous healing by Adi Da Samraj, click here.

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